Welcome to Bakersfield Sound Underground

It’s the only interactive blog site connecting the old Bakersfield Sound, and its rich history, with what is coming to be known as the Nu Bako™ Sound, embodied in the works and live performances of up-and-coming Bakersfield-Sound-rooted artists—bold, innovative artists that are adding a new twist into the old twang.

This exciting, blog site will feature interviews with up-and-coming rebels and crooners of country, country rock, Krock™ (Kern Country country rock), Bakersfield Sound-based post-punk/cow punk, bakobilly, and other related genres. The first interview to be posted there will be from Jeff Michaels.

Bakersfieldsoundunderground.com features news and events related to the history and continuously evolving Bakersfield Sound movement.

Bakersfieldsoundunderground.com starts from the underground and moves up. It will be the host site for Bakersfield’s Next Buck and other exciting Bakersfield-Sound-related contests.

Bakersfieldsoundunderground.com will feature my Bakersfield Sound-based blog n roll, my unique style of original-song-fortified blog posts, exclusively devoted to the history and continuing evolution of the Bakersfield Sound.

You’ll keep abreast of the people, places and faces associated with both the old Bakersfield Sound and those of the new burgeoning Bakersfield-Sound-based-experimental music that was born of it, something I call Nu Bako™, or the new Bako Sound.

You’ll see the sites and hear the sounds of the Bakersfield Sound underground goin’ down. You can talk, gossips and rock here. The BAKERSFIELD SOUND off series will be featured there, so you can have a BAKERSFIELD SOUND soap box to stand on and shout. There will be a series called Bakersfield SoundWAVES, and an advice column called BAKERSFIELD SOUND Advice from the Krock Doc™. More features will be added as the site continues to grow.

You’re really not going anywhere unless you’re going underground. So grab and shovel and “dig this” with me!

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